Well, consider the raven.

Intelligent and curious, active and full of personality and playfulness — it’s no wonder the raven is a fine symbol for Ravenscroft.

We recognize and support our students’ own unique styles and talents, ambitions and dreams.

At Ravenscroft, students find their passions and prepare to soar into their own unique futures. 

Here are the stories of some of those learners, and why Ravenscroft is the perfect perch as they take off into a successful future.

At Ravenscroft people have this passion and love for the place. As a student you can’t help but feel it, and feel that you are loved.”
— Mike Noel ’98
I am proud I went to Ravenscroft. They let me know that anything is possible.”
— Tre Cotten ’07
I think if you’re lucky enough when you’re young to have people say to you, ‘You are good at this,’ and encourage you to develop that talent — you find your path and you are so lucky.”
— Wendy Bounds ’89