Fast Track for Physics

Allison, junior

How have you developed your STEM+ skills?  

Ravenscroft’s wide course selection has allowed me to explore a variety of subjects at an advanced level. The creation of a math track which ends at multivariable calculus senior year as well as the math department’s flexibility in allowing me to take statistics as a sophomore have been particularly beneficial to me as a future scientist.

What about AP courses?

Since I am allowed to move from any AP science to another the next year, I am able to take AP Physics my senior year without passing up the opportunity to take AP Chemistry, a course of which I am especially fond.  

Have counselors guided your academic journey?

Mr. Kennedy in college counseling encouraged me to apply to the Experimental Physics Research Academy at UPenn last summer. This academy was a wonderful experience, and it confirmed my desire to study physics in college. 

Has any teacher been a special mentor to you?

Mr. Karny is a particularly special mentor to me. He has been my chemistry teacher for the past two years in honors and AP chemistry. Both of his classes are the best I have ever taken. He encourages me to further research topics we cover in class, and he gives me special projects to work on. In addition to being a brilliant teacher, Mr. Karny is a kind and thoughtful mentor who, beyond supporting me in all of my endeavors, always makes my day better. 

You still have time for music?

I began playing the violin in kindergarten as part of the Ravenscroft curriculum. If it were not for this, I may never have found music. For the next few years, I participated in group lessons and eventually the Lower School Orchestra and after that the 6th grade, Middle School, and Upper School orchestras. Playing the violin gives me the opportunity to express my creativity and is an art I will enjoy my entire life.