A Girl Named Fred

Gabrielle (Gabby), junior

What’s it like playing Princess Winnifred in Once Upon A Mattress?

Winnifred, or Fred, is an extremely outgoing character. She always speaks her mind, even if it is bound to get her in trouble. She is fearless and I loved being able to play with that characteristic. I never had to hold back. If I felt like acting a little ridiculous and out of the ordinary one day, I could with Fred.

When did you get involved in the theater?

I started singing and acting in elementary school. It is quite a crazy coincidence, actually, because the first show I was ever a part of was Once Upon A Mattress. I was only six and was a children’s chorus girl. It was extremely humbling and kind of mind blowing to see myself come full circle after 10 years of performing. 

You sing too?

I am also a part of the Upper School choir. It is a wonderful environment! Strings, band, and choir take a trip every year to perform as an ensemble. This year we are going to Orlando! We will be singing on a brand new stage at Universal. 

How has Ravenscroft helped you develop as a performer?

Every person in the department wants you to grow as a performer. I am always encouraged to go beyond my limits; to try new things and not to be afraid that I may fail. We are all one great big family in the fine arts building.

Have you performed beyond the campus?

Not only do we have the opportunity to grow in a traditional classroom setting, but we also get the chance to step into the real world. 

Are you considering a life in the theater?

My teachers understand what it will take for me to be successful in this field, because they work in it. So, they are keeping up with the community and providing me with tips and tricks to thrive as an artist today.