A Global Perspective

Rena, sophomore

Why do you volunteer with the younger children?

I always learn so much from little kids. They are just naturally kind-hearted and truthful. Really, it’s more them helping me than me volunteering for them. And I enjoy playing games with them (get my exercise done XD), learning about what they wanna tell me. 

What has surprised you about life in the U.S.?

American Chinese food is SO not the authentic Chinese food ;) ! The more serious answer: I get so much freedom on choosing what I do both in and out of school.

What do you like best about Ravenscroft?

The dedicated and super nice teachers, the LS kids, and the beautiful campus.

Plans for the future?

I don’t have a specific plan yet because I am interested in so many things. :) But I really want to work for international organizations like the UN (especially UNICEF).

Why has Ravenscroft been a good school for you?

It’s a school with global perspective (the International Diploma program), and the courses are challenging but engaging because of all the teachers’ hard work and willingness to help. Also, I get to volunteer with little kids in Lower School. :)))) And the band program is marvelous which suits my interest in flute.

Rena came to the U.S. last year from China. In addition to excelling in her classes, Rena dances at City Ballet, plays flute in the band, started a Toastmaster club, and is vice president for the Class of 2018. She is also involved in Global Ravens Organization, Chinese Club, A capella Club, and Key Club, and is project chair for Conference Keepers.