Art and Social Action

Sydnie, senior

Why has Ravenscroft been a good fit for you?

I’m pretty lucky to have asked my parents to attend Ravenscroft in sixth grade. Coming from an untraditional school, I was worried that I wasn’t ready for Ravenscroft. However, my teachers and advisor looked out for me. Students were nice and curious about me — my fears about academics and friends quickly dissipated. I remember being so impressed by all of the options here.

If you were talking to someone interested in applying, how would you describe the school?  

Whatever you are interested in, there is a place to pursue it. You may be the minority in some opinions or passions, but there will always be faculty and students to support you. Ravenscroft is a place where students who strive for excellence, are curious, are open-minded and fun, should come!

What’s innovative about Ravenscroft?

We have a community that is moving forward quickly. We are willing to try new things like our Senior Speech program, Lead From Here initiative, the new academic schedule, and new clubs. And we are not afraid of failure in our constant attempts to move our community forward, despite the easier option to remain comfortable in our already accomplished reputation as a premiere independent school.

How has Ravenscroft’s athletic program helped you develop?

I have had special relationships with ALL of my coaches who have always desired to grow us as whole people. I have had so many great and empowering conversations with them. My current coach for lacrosse has been a great supporter and advisor through my college search process as well, and we have had many conversations about what I want at the next level.

Have you found great friends here?    

I feel like if I had gone to a larger school, it would be easy to “stay in my corner” and flock to people who look like me or are the kind of people I was raised with. But here I found that small class sizes, sports, and the small environment have brought us together. The community is very mixed. You will find people of all political affiliations, opinions, stubbornness, passions, comforts, identities, etc.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Sydnie started an inclusivity and diversity club called SPEAK (Students Pursuing Equality And Kindness) where she organizes performances (like spoken poetry and dance), schedules guest speakers, and creates workshops about bullying, privilege, identity, reflection. She will attend Swarthmore College in the fall.